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We love weddings, and for good reason!

From the moment you set the date, to the end of your reception, there isn't one aspect of your wedding that isn't special to us! We offer many wonderful aspects of our weddings that you can expect, no matter what your plans for your day are!

Engagement Session

Due to our commitment in ensuring that your images are completed within our 6 week parameter, we only book one wedding per month.

We feel that to dedicate the time and talent it takes to complete your images in a manner that reflects our work, we must put these limits on our schedule, and be able to truly dedicate ourselves to you and only you.

In this industry, we wish to stand apart from the others, and one way that matters the most is in customer service. If we're running about every weekend of the month, pretty soon all the weddings start to blend together. And before you know it, the work begins to suffer.

We want our clients to feel as we do; you and your day are of the utmost importance to us, and our work will reflect that care.

There's so many wonderful aspects of your wedding preparation and your day!

We'll take the time to get to know both of you, and any family/friends involved in the planning.

We also make it a point to have at least one photographer present at your rehearsal, and for the following reason:

There's nothing more awkward than your photographer showing up on the day of your wedding, and unsure of your wishes that may or may not have changed. Many times, even though you thought you were very sure of your plans for the wedding, your officiant or location may have rules and/or guidelines that hadn't come up. So as a precaution, we like to just observe and make sure we know exactly how things will go.

We also believe in getting to know your wedding party and/or family members that are most important to both of you. Odds are, these people will be in attendance, and also get to know us as a result. It makes your day run seamlessly when everyone s aware of us, and knows immediately 'hey, that's the photographer!'

Whether you choose us, or another studio for your wedding photography needs, remember that no matter whom you choose, these images are forever.

Unlike any other type of photography, there's no do-overs. There's no way to get the images back once the moment is gone.

I've loved weddings since I was a girl. Quite a few of us played dress-up, wearing a towel as a veil, the flowers from the dining room table, pretending to walk down the aisle to the man of our dreams. Aside from the age we are when we are married, there's not much difference from then to now.

You want every aspect of your day to be perfection, and to live up to your dreams. Your choice in photographers is one of the only indelible items you'll carry with you into the future and should stand the test of time.

Make sure you check out more wedding information through our FAQ page dedicated to wedding/engagement questions, too!


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