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Baby Love!!

As a mother of 4, I totally understand the love parents have for their newborn.

There's nothing in the world like a precious newborn. Their individual personalities are always evident from the moment they arrive, and we just ~*LOVE*~ being able to capture these images of their first days in your life!

We'll take the time to get to know your family, and coordinate aspects of your life into the images.

Newborns present one of the most difficult appointments to schedule, so in reflection of this, we must limit the number of expectant babies to our schedule.

Since newborns have their own idea of when they'll arrive, we really have no idea of when they'll actually make their presence known to the world. We've had babies that arrived 3 weeks early, to 3 weeks late. and due to the method we have found to be the most useful in newborn photography, we must limit our numbers to ensure the availability to each of our families.

With this in mind, we ask that you contact our studio around 7 months into your pregnancy, to ensure your place. We won't hold you to a date or even a month, but it lets us plan ahead a bit to ensure everyone gets their day once the child arrives!

We love babies!!!!~

One of the options you have with our studio is, a multitude of beautiful and adorable props, backdrops, outfits, blankets; anything you can dream of to accentuate your beautiful baby.

We use these to showcase your child, not to lose them in the clutter. We're constantly upgrading and adding to our inventory, so you'll never have to worry about your images resembling any other client.

Of course, we also ask you to bring along pieces you'd like to incorporate into your session. From broaches, to head pieces, handmade blankets; if it's important to you, it's important to us. We'll find a use for the items that hold sentimental value to you, to make your images the most meaningful they can be.

We also offer inclusive packages!

Part of the fun of a newborn is documenting their growth!

We offer ~three~ different options for your new family, which will document your baby's development in a beautiful way over the course of a year.

You can choose from these options to mark the progress of your growing baby, in a way that meets your needs. From 5 total visits to a single visit, you can choose when you come to see us.

We generally make recommendations of:

newborn, holding head up, sitting up, crawling, and one year.

At the one-year sitting, we'll provide for a beautiful, custom designed cake, decorations, & balloons at no extra charge.

You can reach us by e-mail

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